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Title:: Psychological Skills Training  After reviewing our assigned readings and the following websites:http://www.sportpsych.org/nine2.html http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/psychological-skills-training.htm Design a 3-5 page Psychological Skills Training program for a collegiate athlete of your choice. Select an athlete (a real live individual, not made up) and the sport, explain the issues, and then create a comprehensive Psychological Skills Training Program. You must include at least the following strategies discussed in our readings:Goal-settingStress Management toolsAchievement MotivationImagerySelf-talkin addition, you must illustrate how and where your strategies apply in the  education phase, acquisition phase and practice phase.Your paper must be formatted according to APA standards, including a title page, margins, and documentation. APA in-text documentation and end references are required.

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