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A case study approach is used in the Module 3 assignment. You will step into the role of a Human…

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A case study approach is used in the Module 3 assignment. You will step into the role of a Human Resource Manager. In this capacity, you will analyze the personnel needs of ABC Company and apply motivational theories and strategies to improve motivation.


1. Apply motivational theories, strategies, and techniques used to improve employee motivation. (E, F, H)
3. Define human resource management and explain how managers plan for their HR needs. (A, F)


As the Human Resource Manager for ABC Company, you face a couple of challenges. Complete Case Study 1 and Case Study 2. Support your positions by incorporating course readings that specifically describe the role and functions of human resource management and motivating employees.

Case Study 1: Personnel Needs of ABC Company

  1. Read the following paragraph about the personnel needs of ABC Company:
    ABC Company has hired you as the Human Resource Manager. The introduction of two new products, along with strong sales growth of existing products is straining the business. It is time to determine personnel needs and identify the jobs that need to be filled. This happens before recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training.
  2. In one paragraph, describe the plan and activities you will use to determine the personnel needs of ABC Company.

Case Study 2: Motivational Strategies for ABC Company

Employee motivation and job satisfaction levels at ABC Company are suffering. Each of the following three scenarios represent a different motivational challenge for management. For each scenario, write one paragraph identifying a motivational theory that you think best applies to that scenario. Select the motivational strategy that will best improve the employee(s) motivation and explain how it will be applied.

Scenario 1:

A manager, approaching retirement, is very set in his ways. A very talented and knowledgeable individual, this person tends to be tough on his employees; this results in a department with low morale.

Scenario 2:

An employee who has worked at the organization for five years has continuously performed at a high level, producing quality work in a timely manner. Her manager has expressed concern that she may be getting bored and losing interest in her job.

Scenario 3:

A sales team is beginning to show a lack of intensity, and this is reflected in their performance. While there hasn’t been a dramatic drop in sales, the rate of growth has slowed significantly and customer complaints are increasing.

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