5 Steps to Improve Customer Satisfaction Answers 1Bids 45Other questions 10,5 Steps to Improve Customer Satisfaction Answers 1Bids 45Other questions 10

*** Less than 350 WORDS *** Since it is more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain existing customers, it is important for companies to do their best to satisfy their current customers and retain them.The video provides suggestions for improving customer satisfaction.Some companies measure customer satisfaction on a regular basis, while others are less systematic about the process. Although there are numerous approaches to measuring satisfaction, surveys are very popular.The following article describes 6 approaches to obtaining information about customer satisfaction.https://www.userlike.com/en/blog/2014/06/24/6-proven-methods-for-measuring-your-customer-satisfactionIn your first posting this week, everyone should describe a different company that has provided great customer satisfaction. Your posting should include the following:-     A description of the situation-     How the company provided exceptional customer service, such as providing a refund or credit for a future product.

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