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Instructions:“I have a Dream” (pp. 167-171) is a powerful speech delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963. Heuses the expression “I have a dream” many times throughout his speech. “I” in said expressionsymbolizes African Americans, and “a dream” actually means a package or group of dreams that mostAfrican Americans still have.Read “I have a Dream” and write List A, a list of 4-6 dreams that Martin L. King, Jr. refers to.In 1959, African American playwright Lorrain Hansberry wrote a play titled A Raisin in the Sun, which wasselected as the best play of the year then. In 1962, as well as in subsequent years, several movie andother artistic adaptations of the play appeared, thereby increasing the play’s popularity.When you finish, write List B, a list of 1-3 dreams each main character (Walter, Mama, and/or Beneatha)has.Compare the two lists (List A and List B) of dreams. Which dreams in List A are found in List B?Underline them.In a drama, film, or narrative a dream might mean a super objective that a character seeks to accomplishby taking certain steps (actions). When seeking to accomplish their super objectives, characters (just likeus) often have to overcome barriers or problems.

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