250 weekly Assignment Answers 1Bids 40Other questions 10,250 weekly Assignment Answers 1Bids 40Other questions 10

That is exactly how the instructor worded it. Basically, its asking if  there was a difference between the Scientific Revolution and the  Enlightenment periods in history. If there is a difference, what is it?  If there isn’t a difference, then how are they similar? And its also  asking if both time periods only affected the elite people that had a  good education or if it affected everyone. Personally, I believe it  affected everyone, so you can write about how it affected everyone. NOTE:You are to answer the question in the week four forum question, by reading the books provided use MLA style . you must have  intext citation and reference list IT MUST BE 250 WORDS TO 300 WORDS Needed in 7 hours

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