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Reliability and Validity in Quantitative ResearchUsing a quantitative article that you previously selected, post the following information: Describe the variables used in the research and how they were measured. Describe any assessments that were used. Discuss the types of reliability that were reported for the measurement instrument (test-retest, inter-rater, parallel forms, split-half) and validity (content, construct, criterion). Using your textbook and the quantitative validity article assigned in this unit’s studies, linked in Resources, construct an external validity checklist and an internal validity checklist, noting how your selected article did address or could have addressed each issue. Discuss how the reliability and validity in the research contribute to the scientific merit of the research. https://capella-summon-serialssolutions-com.library.capella.edu/#!/search?bookMark=ePnHCXMwdV3NTsMwDK4QEoPBK4AlrutYkrZpuSE0BELiApyjNsk2pK2t1g2NF-P5sPMDJ26RlThq5NR2_fnrWXJREza73bkeLpP4djUh2U04nWnftXZKXGQzkR25oi9PCz5DK_0bj8LbFO9jUZwkI_TMHMXsNPm-W9oUMM2GwR5S6kckTA1sI3Zs9dEPEEBOsML02VIdB4jrYGMnYCNuYuJ0xC-csCH-y91-wInw3GHA1oJjwBhuAZ_GiyBwVa_B9wg5DS-RNR_mh5rgK278ut9-2q8JOHgBVZzPk-MWk8px8v4wf7t_TMOvDlLNZZ6lOpOVxbtuKiNEIReY2_GGaZHbWurKVEzYosbDxtvFG9PUzDS6qixGW9xoK40YJ1deb7_uBhVOelCYDJWCqn9Ei_jkZxDsTvWey0IRu7QTdNulCsaq8kWO3qsWMpc6s9RkacuqFJgLlpqZjHRdh92C-_pnx8zPig7_d1dXRpMsrlJkESpYBC67DMpdRPC7KJqA-AFU8bqm

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