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1 Is IPR a failure at North Trust? 2 Should IPR be retained by the organisation? If you recommend…

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1 Is IPR a failure at North Trust?

2 Should IPR be retained by the organisation? If you recommend retention, what changes would you advise? If you recommend it should be scrapped, what would you advise should replace it?

3 A ccording to Wright (1991), a paradox of performance management systems is that the meaningful is rarely measurable and the measurable is rarely meaningful. What evidence is there to support such a criticism in North Trust?

4 A key for managers in measuring individual performance under systems of performance appraisal is distinguishing between ‘real’ and ‘created’ performance achievements. The danger is that managers may actually measure an employee’s ‘ability to perform in the theatrical rather than task oriented sense’ (Randle and Rainnie, 1997). What evidence is there that this is a problem at North Trust? How can the problems of ‘impression management’ be minimised?



1. It has been suggested that the key challenge currently facing performance appraisal systems is their upgrading, renewal and re-invention such that they are more compatible with business environments. To what extent does IPR fit the business environment of the ‘new, modern and dependable NHS’ (Department of Health, 1997)?

2 Some analysts have suggested that the NHS is moving from a bureaucratic mode of organisation to a network mode of organising. What are the implications of such a development for IPR practice?

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